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Hi, my name is Duston. I’m a small town kid, transplanted to Carrollton, Texas, making my way in life with a mouse, Photoshop, and a camera. Ok, a couple cameras. This site is devoted to the images that are captured within said cameras.

Photography interests and areas of specialty include -

- family photos
- small weddings (contact me for details)
- product
- automotive

I spend 40 hours a week doing marketing work for an electronics manufacturer, and Shutterspeed Photo/Design is the umbrella that covers all of my freelance projects. That includes, but isn’t necessarily limited to -

- photography
- print and web design
- vehicle graphic design and installation
- marketing consulting

Keep up with everything else I've got my hands in at http:/​/​www.​shutterspeeddesign.​com

Like what you see here? I'd love to work with you - feel free to contact me at duston@shutterspeeddesign.​com